Sunday, November 11, 2012

Angry Bird Legos

Ike created an Angry Bird game out of Legos.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


 I love stories about kids and all the cute and funny things they say. Upon hearing stories, I've laughed until I cried. Probably annoyingly so. Kids are  naturals when it comes to honesty and hilarity. It's so pure and enduring that you wish they'd hold on to it forever. . . That is until they are your own kids.

 Our four year old has been granted a new freedom recently. She's allowed to walk in the grocery store instead of sit in the cart next to her brother. She's tall and we've been stuffing her in there, angling her long legs just right to get through the leg holes for too long. She's overdue to walk next to the cart. We are procrastinators. We know. In fact we should have taught her to walk next to the cart before she learned to speak. We realize this now. Believe me.

 She finds joy in her new freedom and wants to lead the way. While letting go of the cart she zoomed around the aisle to run smack into a lady who had stopped to talk on her mobile phone. The view for a four year old is much different from the ground than in the cart. Kate doesn't see a lady. She sees her well defined backside due to some seriously tight, army green leggings. "That's a really biiiiiiiig  butt!" my dear sweet, sweet daughter exclaimed.

I. DIE. 

An Owl Pillow

My camera is playing tricks on me and won't take a good picture. I'm sure it's the camera. It has to be. It couldn't be me. It may have something do do with the fact that it was pulled off the top of the computer armoire by curious little hands. Maybe. Anyway, what I am trying to take a picture of is this cute little pillow that my Mom made for me. It's beautiful. The picture doesn't do it justice.