Monday, January 28, 2008

Saturday, January 26, 2008

German Apple Pie

Tonight the weather is ridiculously cold so I enjoyed the warmth of my kitchen and made a warm and hearty dinner -- chicken noodle soup, fresh bread, and homemade apple pie. Of course, along with the frigid temperature and icy roads comes crazy drivers. So tonight I'll sit at home and eat dinner without Bill (he'll be writing accident reports or assisting other officers as there have already been four car roll-overs just within the last five hours). Luckily, the apple pie will still taste just as good warmed up when Bill gets home tonight. As for everything else, I'll just put it away and I won't have to cook dinner tomorrow!

Ike Stories

I had my 36 week checkup this week and everything looks good and ready for Baby to arrive. The contractions are spaced far apart, but still starting so that's a good sign. I even had a nice contraction while I was getting measured at the doctor! She's going to be getting chubby from here on out. We have finished a lot of last minute shopping and arranging so we are as prepared as I think we are going to get.

Isaac and Bill are at Lowe's this morning building a toolbox. Isaac was thrilled to wake up and go out with Daddy. They have so much fun at these sessions.

Michelle brought over a video on learning letters and their sounds for Isaac to watch. Last night we were practicing them and when I asked him what sound L makes he just stuck his tongue out. I laughed so hard. On the video the L's get to lick lollipops which is what he was trying to do.

Last night Ike and I read a story that my Mom picked up about having a new baby in the house. After the story we had the usual conversation about how the baby is in my tummy right now. He pointed to my tummy and said quite wide-eyed and dramatically, "Mommy's tummy is big!" Of course I had to agree and explain its largeness. When I looked over at him, he had lifted his shirt, bent his knees, pooched out his tummy as far as it would go. "Isaac's tummy is big!" he said quite proudly.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day with Dad

Bill took Isaac out for lunch today at the Panda Express. Isaac really enjoys the fried rice from there so if we ever ask him where he wants to go he usually says "go get rice." Afterwards they stopped at the store and bought a diesel truck that hauls other cars. Here are some pictures of them playing with the fun new toy. (Oh, yes, they brought home a hand-held massager for me since my shoulders and back have been hurting!)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dad and Ike Adventures

Bill set up Isaac's train track this afternoon. Ike woke up from his nap today and went straight for his track. He LOVES trains!
This train is Neville. He wanted to make sure I took his picture.

Bill took Isaac to the Build and Grow session at Lowes where he got these safety glasses and built a truck. He had a GREAT time.
Neville again.
He loves the safety glasses!

Beauty Shop Talk

My friend Jordi and I went out this morning to get coffee and pedicures -- a little bit of pampering that we don't often do so we really know how to enjoy ourselves. We sat and chatted amongst ourselves and overheard other women's conversation with little interest.

Once finished with our pedicures we went to the lighted area to wait for the polish to dry. Two other chatty women joined us asking us many questions. The two other women were talking about how they should be at work and with a nod to my large pregnant belly asked what I did for a living. Perhaps a little bit too arrogantly, I tilted my chin up a little, smiled, and announced that I was a housewife and I didn't have to rush to be anywhere. Their responses were interesting. The older woman looked a little startled and mentioned how she wished she could have done that. The younger of the two instantly felt important and retorted that she could NEVER stay home (as if my chosen profession would lead to a life of emptiness and no self-worth). I smiled innocently and announced how much I love and enjoy my job, disregarding her comment. The older woman continued to ask questions about my hobbies and interests (I guess being a housewife does mean that you get to spend time learning how to do a myriad of different tasks). I mentioned that I am learning to quilt, I love scrapbooking, baking, and raising my wonderful three-year-old. I guess to some people a housewife is a lovely idea -- a novelty these days. There are also the people who don't appreciate the true art of love and giving of yourself. There are also the housewives like me who really know how to live it up!

Well, my point is that I need no pity nor does my profession make me feel worthless. In fact, most people should envy what I get to do every day. My dear husband and son make me feel like the most important person in their world. And it is their world that I am so grateful to be a part of. I get to stay home and fatten my three-year-old's soul, I get to make meals for my husband (who really appreciates my efforts), and I get to make our house into our home. I get to be surrounded by endless amounts love and laughter. In another month, I get to have another person in our family to love and adore. Who wouldn't want to be me?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Little Red Hen

For those of you who know me well, you'll understand how amazing this really is! I baked bread tonight with all the ambition and love I could pour into my daunting task. And surprise! surprise! The dough actually rose! Absolute phenomenon. I made it all from scratch and beat that bread with my own two fists (more preparation for mega doses of baby holding). To top off my joy of risen dough, I didn't even burn the bread! What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Now off I go to do some nesting!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Dump Trucks and Dirt

We had a beautiful day so Bill sent Ike outside to play. He made "mountains" out of dirt with his trusty dump truck and was in no hurry to come back inside. I was able to lure him back in to warm up his hands, but two minutes later he was back outside.

I made delicious pumpkin bars without a mixer today. My beaters broke a couple weeks before Christmas and I have yet to find some replacements. What a task it is to mix everything by hand. However, my arms got some good muscle preparation for all that baby-holding starting next month. Whew! And making frosting by hand will ensure that I'll be able to hold Isaac nonstop as well. Ahh, the life of a housewife. We get to bake treats and hold and love those babies!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sweet Little Man

Bill went out to Starbucks this afternoon and brought back a cookie for Isaac. Ike was SO excited he took the cookie (still in the bag) and carried it around for a while. Every once in a while he would take it out of the bag and take a bite then promptly put it back safely in its bag. Cookies from Daddy sure are special!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Popcorn and Heartbeats

Bill rented a couple of movies for us to watch last night and this afternoon Ike found the popcorn tub. Needless to say, we made a new tub for him.
The nursery is coming along. We have to hang some artwork up and install some more shelving in the closet, but other than that we are ready. Bill and Ike sure had fun setting the crib up last night. Ike just couldn't contain his joy (working with the tools and all). He really wanted to sleep in the crib when it was finished.

We had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything is looking "textbook" so far. Bill and I took Isaac since he's been telling us that his tummy hurts and he needs to go to the doctor (which is what he hears me say). He was thrilled to hear the baby's heartbeat and wanted us all to get our tummies checked.

Friday, January 4, 2008


We've had a slow morning today so I pulled out the art supplies that Aunt Heidi gave Isaac for Christmas. We turned on some music for inspiration and I sat there and watched him and made tea. Occationally I'd have to replenish the paint supply or wash out a brush.

My New Old Chair

New and Old

We hauled home an old chair and ottoman from my Grandma's house a couple of days ago much to Bill's dismay. Of course those who know me know all about my love of all things old, vintage, antique, used, etc. Well, I must admit that our home is a little cozy and there isn't much room for anything else, but I just love this chair so we managed to squeeze it in. While Bill rolled his eyes and dutifully loaded it into his truck, little Ike has had the opposite view of the "new" furniture. He LOVES the ottoman and carries it around with him. He jumps off of it and sits on it and watch movies. It's just his size.

Now I'll switch from my love of old things to my love of new:) Baby Girl Parramore is now around four pounds and seventeen inches! She's 33 weeks so we just have a short time left before we get to meet her! I can tell that the end of the pregnancy is in site because I can't keep the ice trays filled (I crave ice chips) and rolling over in bed is not only uncomfortable, but becoming a bit painful as well. Anyway, next week we are setting up her crib and finishing the details of the room. It will be nice to have it all prepared for her arrival. New little ones are so wonderful!

Bill has been working a lot of overtime to save up comp time for when Baby arrives. Yesterday he was able to work an extra four hours. He was working in our area so he was able to stop by to see Isaac. He had to leave quickly though as the world needs its heros:) He wouldn't tell me what kind of call he was going to 'cause he didn't want me to worry. He did call and assure me that he was okay once he was done with the task.