Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ike Stories

I had my 36 week checkup this week and everything looks good and ready for Baby to arrive. The contractions are spaced far apart, but still starting so that's a good sign. I even had a nice contraction while I was getting measured at the doctor! She's going to be getting chubby from here on out. We have finished a lot of last minute shopping and arranging so we are as prepared as I think we are going to get.

Isaac and Bill are at Lowe's this morning building a toolbox. Isaac was thrilled to wake up and go out with Daddy. They have so much fun at these sessions.

Michelle brought over a video on learning letters and their sounds for Isaac to watch. Last night we were practicing them and when I asked him what sound L makes he just stuck his tongue out. I laughed so hard. On the video the L's get to lick lollipops which is what he was trying to do.

Last night Ike and I read a story that my Mom picked up about having a new baby in the house. After the story we had the usual conversation about how the baby is in my tummy right now. He pointed to my tummy and said quite wide-eyed and dramatically, "Mommy's tummy is big!" Of course I had to agree and explain its largeness. When I looked over at him, he had lifted his shirt, bent his knees, pooched out his tummy as far as it would go. "Isaac's tummy is big!" he said quite proudly.


Gibbs said...

Wow your already having contractions! It's getting closer:)How exciting. That is so neat that they have that program at Lowe's! I should tell Carl about it and maybe him and Esi can do that together when she is older.

The Parramores said...

I think Esi would LOVE the Lowes sessions! Ike comes home so pleased with himself and of course working with tools is always fun!