Thursday, January 17, 2008

Beauty Shop Talk

My friend Jordi and I went out this morning to get coffee and pedicures -- a little bit of pampering that we don't often do so we really know how to enjoy ourselves. We sat and chatted amongst ourselves and overheard other women's conversation with little interest.

Once finished with our pedicures we went to the lighted area to wait for the polish to dry. Two other chatty women joined us asking us many questions. The two other women were talking about how they should be at work and with a nod to my large pregnant belly asked what I did for a living. Perhaps a little bit too arrogantly, I tilted my chin up a little, smiled, and announced that I was a housewife and I didn't have to rush to be anywhere. Their responses were interesting. The older woman looked a little startled and mentioned how she wished she could have done that. The younger of the two instantly felt important and retorted that she could NEVER stay home (as if my chosen profession would lead to a life of emptiness and no self-worth). I smiled innocently and announced how much I love and enjoy my job, disregarding her comment. The older woman continued to ask questions about my hobbies and interests (I guess being a housewife does mean that you get to spend time learning how to do a myriad of different tasks). I mentioned that I am learning to quilt, I love scrapbooking, baking, and raising my wonderful three-year-old. I guess to some people a housewife is a lovely idea -- a novelty these days. There are also the people who don't appreciate the true art of love and giving of yourself. There are also the housewives like me who really know how to live it up!

Well, my point is that I need no pity nor does my profession make me feel worthless. In fact, most people should envy what I get to do every day. My dear husband and son make me feel like the most important person in their world. And it is their world that I am so grateful to be a part of. I get to stay home and fatten my three-year-old's soul, I get to make meals for my husband (who really appreciates my efforts), and I get to make our house into our home. I get to be surrounded by endless amounts love and laughter. In another month, I get to have another person in our family to love and adore. Who wouldn't want to be me?