Friday, January 4, 2008

New and Old

We hauled home an old chair and ottoman from my Grandma's house a couple of days ago much to Bill's dismay. Of course those who know me know all about my love of all things old, vintage, antique, used, etc. Well, I must admit that our home is a little cozy and there isn't much room for anything else, but I just love this chair so we managed to squeeze it in. While Bill rolled his eyes and dutifully loaded it into his truck, little Ike has had the opposite view of the "new" furniture. He LOVES the ottoman and carries it around with him. He jumps off of it and sits on it and watch movies. It's just his size.

Now I'll switch from my love of old things to my love of new:) Baby Girl Parramore is now around four pounds and seventeen inches! She's 33 weeks so we just have a short time left before we get to meet her! I can tell that the end of the pregnancy is in site because I can't keep the ice trays filled (I crave ice chips) and rolling over in bed is not only uncomfortable, but becoming a bit painful as well. Anyway, next week we are setting up her crib and finishing the details of the room. It will be nice to have it all prepared for her arrival. New little ones are so wonderful!

Bill has been working a lot of overtime to save up comp time for when Baby arrives. Yesterday he was able to work an extra four hours. He was working in our area so he was able to stop by to see Isaac. He had to leave quickly though as the world needs its heros:) He wouldn't tell me what kind of call he was going to 'cause he didn't want me to worry. He did call and assure me that he was okay once he was done with the task.

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