Thursday, July 30, 2009

To be or not to be . . .

While walking through our new (yet unfinished) home with my little family, I was pointing out to Bill where I thought some of the furniture pieces might go. When we got to Ike's room, the little fella announced, "I think the tv should go on this wall."

Haha. Nice try Buddy, but there are no plans for a television in your room:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Where's the Baby?

Before I left for the doctor's office this morning, I kissed Isaac goodbye and told him that I was going to go see the baby. So when I got home from my appointment, Ike's face lit up and he asked excitedly, "Where's the baby?" My little ultrasound picture doesn't look like much to a little boy and I'm afraid just a picture was a bit disappointing. That sweet boy likes a baby to snuggle and I have to say, so do I:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The view from our room:) Thanks, Roger for the room!
Ike thought we were in Wii Sports paradise! There was tennis, golf, mini golf, swimming, raquetball, basketball. . . and the little guy couldn't get enough of all the activities!


Bill got us a new board game for the trip and every morning/evening Ike was ready to play! That sweet boy is always up for anything!

Ike Likes Sharing the Best Parts of the Movie

Who Likes Ice Cream Better?

I'm "Tuck"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Quilt

My Mom put this quilt together for me the other day. It's another one I'm going to hand quilt to add some "vintage" charm. I can't wait to get started, but I still have a bit left to do on the other quilt. I should wrap up one quilt before I start another:)

Craftsman Green

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

White paper packages tied up with string . . .

Dear Sheilah is one very talented and thoughtful friend!
Since we are living in tight quarters, most of our things are packed and this little box sets in my closet waiting to be unwrapped for the very last time. So instead of slipping the box off the shelf every few days, I decided to take some pictures for my blog so I can admire them here:) Both gifts are handpainted by Sheilah and the ornament is of Kate holding her precious"Gunga."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Marriage Requirements

"Does Daddy get to marry you?" Ike questions me.

"Yes, Daddy, married me."

"I can't get married until I get bigger . . . and stop sucking my thumb."

I guess that puts a new perspective on qualities in a husband:)

Swaddling -- a lot harder than it looks!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Out on the Town

We have a pet shop in town that is stocked up with animals from grumpy looking bulldogs to scary reptiles. It's a grand place to pop in with the kids every so often to let them get an animal fix (as we are a "no pet" sort of family . . . thus far).

Today we had to get out of the apartment so we zipped over to Starbucks then in to the pet shop. Ike went bouncing in and spotted a nice pug. "Look, Mom!" he squealed with a level of delight only he is capable of. "It's Otis!" I don't know about anybody else, but the Milo and Otis movie is a big hit at our house.

We also got to take out the baby boxer puppy and play with her for a bit. Ike was thrilled to no end. "Mom, this puppy is my best fwend!" Puppy looked a lot like Aunt Heidi's boxers so Ike was a little concerned that this puppy was missing his Mommy. "We need to take Maggie [which he calls the puppy] to Heidi's house to see her Mommy!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hungry Time

Me: "Isaac, do you want a cheese sandwich?"

Isaac: "No, it's not hungry time yet."

Language Barrier

When my sisters and I were in high school (maybe I wasn't quite) my parents sponsored a Vietnamese family through a program called World Relief. When we picked up the family of five at the airport, they were wearing their feather-like clothing and were obviously freezing, but had the happiest faces I'd ever seen. They were SO elated to be in America.

They proved to be a fun bunch the instant we headed to the car. My Dad opened the back of the minivan to load up their luggage and in they all climbed . . . Yes, through the back of the van! It was silly to us, but we refrained from laughing. They road with their arms around us (we must have seemed like jolly giants to their small frames), squeezing us every so often to show their appreciation.

The supermarket brought intense delight the moment they walked in the door. The littlest of the family (she was just six) jumped for joy at the produce section and the parents oohed and ahhed over the selection of meat. My Mom stood there, pleased to have shared such an experience with such grateful people and she loaded the cart with whatever they touched.

The washing machine was a battle. My Mom would load their clothes in and shut the lid only to have the woman sneak behind her, open the machine, and start scrubbing the clothing. My Mom would shoo her away and try and reassure her (BIG Language barrier) that the machine would do the washing.

But mostly what I remember was the littlest girl trying to teach us her language. She'd say a word and point to what she was talking about. We'd repeat unsuccessfully, and she'd scold us and kept raising her voice. We'd all laugh (including her brother and sister) and she just got so fed up with our lack of language skills. The reason this memory has popped back into my head was due to Kate's behavior this morning. She'd come over to me as I was laying on the couch and tell me something. A few seconds later when I didn't do whatever she wanted, she came back and scolded me louder . . . then louder . . . then louder! Finally she was so frustrated and red-faced that she gave up. We definitely have a language barrier here, but it's nothing we haven't experienced before:) I'm really thankful we got the chance to practice language barriers before we had children!

Coming Right Along

I must say that the apartment is cozy, we are enjoying the pool, and the no yard work has made for a great summer. However, this fall we are really looking forward to enjoying our new home! It should be done around the beginning of September!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Boy Baby? Hmmm . . .

"Mommy, you have a boy baby in your tummy?" Ike asked me.

"I don't know."

"It's a boy baby bwothuh and he's my best fwend." Ike declares.

"What do you think we should name him?" I question.

"Lucas! Samba!" Ike declares quickly and without much hesitation.

Hmmm. Two very solid name choices that we'll have to consider. And I must say that I'm a little concerned with his little heart should Baby be a girl.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I should have known on our seventh anniversary date. I bit into a plump steak only to gag and grimace at the horrible flavor. Bill (trying to be sweet and romantic) traded me his seafood alfredo and ate the dirty tasting steak. It turned out that Bill's dish had an odd after taste too, but the "from the box" mashed potatoes (which I do not favor) went down the hatch with ease.

I should have known when I was tired and unmotivated to lift my lounging self from the couch. But, alas! perhaps I was just too tired to think or too scared to dream.

But two weeks after reading that plus sign on that pregnancy test, I'm starting to believe it (fatigue and nausea sure do help adding to reality:). Assisting God in the making of a miracle isn't exactly an easy task nor is it something one can complain about (and I sure don't want to get stuck out in the wilderness for whining about blessings from heaven). I must say, I'm quite fond of the idea of snuggling and kissing another little Love. If there's a little uncomfortable streak in my nice, cushy existence to get there, then so be it. After all, pregnancy doesn't last forever and in the end (should all go delightfully well) we'll get another little piece of heaven.

So if my blog gets neglected a bit, it's because the couch is just so cozy:)