Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ike's Easter Banner

Isaac and I made a banner for Easter. We have to get really creative around here when it comes time to practice spelling words. This guy just doesn't seem interested in the whole spelling test idea. Each time he spelled a word right, we tied an egg on the banner. Now I have to figure out something for this weeks spelling test. I'm thinking something having to do with super heroes ought to do the trick:)

Sweater for Noah

So I am pretty sure that I messed up joining the ribbing with the tan portion, but there is NO way I'm backtracking! I'll just connect the front ribbing the same way! Now I'm on the neck portion and cannot figure it out! Apparently I need to get "spare needles" because this pattern keeps asking for me to put stitches on the spare sets. Being the rookie that I am, I don't have any such thing! Back to the store I must go!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Crazy Little Life

Germs and sickness have hit our little family hard this year. January brought a nasty feverish flu which revealed itself while we were driving back from California. Illness on car rides is a treat. February brought a cough so hard that stomach juice seemed to be spewing out with each cough. March brought another flu which I am happy to report all three children came out alive and well -- we did, however, lose a few pillows to the virus. April has brought the hives to me and distorted my face for a few days. Think Will Smith in Hitch. That was me. Yikes. Good thing those marriage vows include "for better or for worse." I did remind my husband of those vows. He, of course, rolled his eyes at me for the reminder and being the wonderful Love that he is, continued scratching my arms and legs while I rubbed my eyes and ears. One simply doesn't have enough hands to manage all the scratching necessary to survive the hives.

  • My sisters kids managed to pick up our flu virus while visiting from Nevada and sent us spinning through another round of bodily fluid eruptions and such sad little faces.

  • We are SO thankful for our wonderful carpet cleaner who cleaned out EVERY nasty spot! And thanks to my Mom for ordering us a fresh bottle of thieves. We've been out since last year when Kate dumped the whole bottle on Isaac's treasure chest. His room smelled of cinnamon and cloves for a very long time:)

  • This blog is being ridiculous and not letting me space out my paragraphs -- hence the bullets:)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby Carson

If your prayin' knees aren't lazy, please take a little time to send up a prayer for baby Carson! He's due to arrive into the world in a few weeks and the doctors have reasons to be concerned. If your prayin' knees are out of use, I know his Mama and Dad would be pleased if you put them back in use:)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Puffy Apple Oven Pancake

My little chef helped me cook up this beauty and when I mean "helped" I mean LOTS of it! She managed to stir the flour mixture right into the ranch dip! While I appreciated the whole new concept of ranch dip mixed in with flour and cinnamon . . . it wasn't quite what I was going for. A few minutes later while I was somewhere in the middle cooking the apples in the golden butter and blending the batter, I managed to get poked with a dull knife -- right in the petunia! (For those of you who've never watched "Tinkerbell" petunia is the technical fairy term for "behind"). I was a bit startled to say the least. However, all the fuss and hoopla was all worth it. Our kitchen adventure resulted in quality time with my little Kate and a delectable breakfast. I strongly suggest serving drizzled with maple syrup and powdered sugar . . . Ranch dressing tastes good on many foods, but I don't recommend it for pancakes!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cousins Kate and Bella

Kitty has a cousin who is just six weeks younger than her. They have so much fun together.