Saturday, January 26, 2008

German Apple Pie

Tonight the weather is ridiculously cold so I enjoyed the warmth of my kitchen and made a warm and hearty dinner -- chicken noodle soup, fresh bread, and homemade apple pie. Of course, along with the frigid temperature and icy roads comes crazy drivers. So tonight I'll sit at home and eat dinner without Bill (he'll be writing accident reports or assisting other officers as there have already been four car roll-overs just within the last five hours). Luckily, the apple pie will still taste just as good warmed up when Bill gets home tonight. As for everything else, I'll just put it away and I won't have to cook dinner tomorrow!


Gibbs said...

Oh Vicki I just love your blog! Everything looks so lovely and delicious:)

The Parramores said...

Thanks, Celeste! I have a lot of fun with it!