Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Week in Review

Well, the dish washer is loaded and the kitchen is clean and disinfected. The laundry machine is in motion and the pile of laundry the size of Pike's Peak has been conquered. Now I have a few minutes to write my thoughts before it's time to start dinner.

We have had a great week. Bill was able to get back to work after a week off. He was growing restless and really needed to be cleared to get back to work. Well, his finger has not quite healed and the stiches are still in place, but he is feeling a lot better. Isaac will be happy when the stitches are out. He's concerned that there are spiders in Daddy's finger.

Ike had his first doctor's appointment in . . . well, a long time. He was weighed and measured and found in the 95% on the charts. He really liked the doctor's office -- they have a great set of legos.

On Monday we found out that we are going to be parents to a baby girl this time around. She is due to arrive on February 18th and probably won't have a name for a while:)

And some other great news: my sister said she wants our boxer! She's not quite a year old so she's wild and crazy. With her gone things will settle down just a bit around here!

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