Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Travel Tip

Ike's Great Aunt Kathy buys him books from the library sales every so often. This has resulted in shelves and shelves filled with enchantment. Recently she bought him some books and left them at Grandma's house. When we went over to Grandma's house, she thrilled Ike with reading him book after book. On the way home, Ike "read" to Kate and they giggled and laughed. She listened to him, enraptured by his voice and the attention.

Well, those books have not left the truck. We keep them out there for entertainment for our wee ones. When Bill drives, I read them story after story. When I drive, Ike does the reading. It's so much fun and brings lots of joy to their little souls.

We don't go on any long trips really, but the ride to Grandma's house, the grocery store, or to church is always exciting for them. I highly recommend keeping a few books stashed in the car! And a perk about books from the library sales is that the books come covered in plastic so they don't get beat up in the car!

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-keith said...

Ah yes, the old "books in the car" trick. We have been utilizing this gem for years now - it works wonders. We like to go to the bookmobile a couple of days before we head out on a longer drive (say to the beach). We check out books the kids haven't read before, and last time we checked out Charlotte's web on CD - we all enjoyed that.