Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Chandelier has been Hung!

We've been spending the last couple of weeks settling into our little cottage (in a subdivision, but whatever) and making this place home. It's much like the last home since it has all the same things and the same dear people residing in it. I've come to the conclusion that a little extra space is wonderful, but it's those sweet little people and loving husband are all that I really need.

Today Bill got to work and hung my dining room chandelier. That very act in itself totally made my day, but he made my heart sing by not stopping there. He cleaned, he hung pictures and hooks, he washed the truck, and he grocery shopped for me. So we've slowly been getting this mess of unpacking straightened out! It's not easy adding unpacking to all the other daily chores, but it sure does feel worth every moment.

I would take pictures, but that camera disappears without a trace. I'll have to wait until Kitty finds it (which she's very good at doing by the way).

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