Sunday, March 7, 2010

Inner Peace . . .

I feel so much different than the pregnant girl I was a few weeks ago. There is a deep contentment and peace that has settled deep in my happy, little heart. A few weeks ago I was growing weary and becoming more cantankerous with each day that I went passed my due date. I think it was when I called the hospital and asked them if they had "kicked anyone out" so I could come in and get induced that I realized how bad my attitude needed an adjustment.

Lucky for me, Noah came the day after that phone call and I've found the girl I'm supposed to be. What a gift he is to our family! What a joy he is to hold! And, oh how he makes my heart sing! Little life is the best gift . . . and I've got three little gifts to kiss and hold. My heart is bursting with contentment and thankfulness; my home is filled with joy and laughter.

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