Monday, July 5, 2010

Little Love Update

Summer is splashing along here at the Parramore home. Not only do we have our own set of siblings for playmates, but a crew of cousins to bounce through summer with as well! The days here are packed with activities and boundless energy (at least for the kids.)

Tutoring and speech therapy have us jumping around from Monday to Thursday. Both the tutor and the therapist are seeing huge improvements for Ike. I am beginning to believe that this little guy gets easily lost in the crowd and thrives on one on one attention. Therapy and tutoring only take up a few hours of our week. The rest of the time Ike is running around with his buddy Wyatt and his cousin Alex. In the evenings and weekends, Ike is his Daddy's sidekick. I find them fixing sprinklers, mowing the grass, cleaning the garage, and eating popsicles and having manly chats on the tailgate of the truck. Ike is in "little boy heaven" as long as he is at Daddy's side. At bedtime we've taken to reading a story or two to send Ike off into an adventurous and peaceful dreamland. I'm so in love.

Kate has reached such an independent age. She's a careful observer and an imaginative little lady. Often times I find her hidden away in a corner of the playroom, content to be in charge of all her little toys. She sets her animals at her play table and chairs and serves them breakfast. She lovingly rocks her babies. And on several occasions, I've peeked in to see her patting her little brother's fuzzy head and telling him over and over, "Such a good boy!" She's an affectionate little being full of wonder and gentleness. In the evenings, you can find her curled up on Daddy's lap, happy to have him home. On a side note, she's recently learned the name of the President of the United States. If you ask her she'll answer, "Yeah! Obama!" with such animation. But she expects a fair amount of clapping and praise afterwards. And be prepared, she'll also quiz you on what the Presidents name is;) I am so in love.

Noah is a never ending sea of bliss and delight. His smiles are constant and his cries minimal. His favorite summer activities are neighborhood walks in the back seat of the stroller, wearing out swing batteries, and snuggled in Mommy's sling. He's a hefty little man, weighing in at 17/18 pounds. His chunky thighs make me deliriously happy. He's a giggly, peaceful, and joyous little package. And of course I can't help it, I'm so in love.

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