Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Banner

I was so inspired when I browsed through all the banners on Etsy. I've been looking at them for a while, but decided it probably wouldn't be too terribly hard to make. I rummaged through my scrap fabric basket and found a small selection. I was also pleased to find ribbon and thread in the same basket. With all my findings, I didn't have to buy anything for my little project.

It didn't take long to cut out the triangles, but I did find it quite time consuming to make without a sewing machine (a slight inconvenience:) However, all the hand stitching adds to the shabby charm (I am almost convinced anyway . . .) I have to say, my favorite element is Ike's five-year-old penmanship on each triangle. He was very happy to lend his talent to my little project and was quite pleased to see me embroider his letters into red -- his favorite color! He was such a fun addition to the project and was most amused at the disappearing fabric ink! After some experimenting, he disappointingly discovered that the ink pen didn't cause anything to disappear, but in fact only the ink would disappear.
We had such a good time making this. Kids and projects go together so well!

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