Monday, September 6, 2010

Dining Decor

We decorate SLOWLY around here . . .
Because there are so many other MORE important things to do:)

I dream of painting my walls robin's egg blue, popping shades of yellow, bright pink, stunning reds and perhaps some shades of orange and definitely lilac. I'd buy artsy wallpaper from Anthropologie for an added splash of unexpected. I'd collect Janet Hill's original paintings and collage them on a wall for vintage charm and artistry. I'd use sunny dishes with creative designs. Not a hint of my home, not one nook or cranny, would be left out. This may be why I enjoy Anna Maria Horner's home (via blog) where not a trash can is ordinary. Someday I might be brave enough . . . . . Someday! For now we'll have a soft, mellow pallet complimented with all shades of white and cream, another favorite style of mine.

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