Thursday, November 11, 2010


While I write this, my two year old is bopping my head and saying "Excuse me, Mom. Excuse me." My six year old is asking for goldfish crackers and . . .what is the baby chewing on now!?

Duty calls. Be right back.

It's been quite a day. Today I caught my daughter eating whipping cream straight out of the container . . . that I'd thrown IN THE GARBAGE. No spoon needed of course. I had to pick stickers off the baby's head that she lovingly decorated him with. I folded laundry only to come out and find that the wash cloths got turned into snow for the train tracks. I had to solve a squabble about who gets to push the garage door opener this time. Big stuff I know! I had to wash puke out of Tinkerbell's friend's hair. My son decided to use one of the breast pump's hoses as A STRAW. After he finished his drink he tried to see if he could blow enough air into the juice box to make it blow up. Shortly after he decorated the bathroom mirror with bubbles. Kate has taken to carrying around the Yahtzee game (she loves the dice) and calls it her "happy box." It's cute and it makes her ridiculously content. Who knew?

On the bright side, my teething baby had a restful day and took two three hour naps! All the kids are now clean and resting. My Bill will be coming home tonight, even if it is six hours after his usual estimated time of arrival. My washing machine works. I got covered in hugs and kisses. My baby laughs so hard he snorts (a wondrous sound!). I have a peach cobbler cooling on the counter. I have a cold which has blocked my sinuses which in return has made diaper changing SO much easier!! I got to embroider a bit on my tea towels. My house is a wreck, but it is filled with life:) I should go clean, but I'd rather turn on my Playlist and soak in a HOT bath.


Beka said...

What a day!!

The Brooks said...

I can see it all!!! Heidi and I are laughing so hard!