Sunday, February 20, 2011

The littlest is too little

Little Noah's bum is too skinny (according to the 12 month weight chart). The doctor suggested a nice fattening diet -- vegetables cooked in coconut oil, ghee, or butter! He needs protein -- meat (0rganic meat). He needs flaxseed oil and cod liver oil. He's even allowed half and half and of course organic whole milk. Brain development is crucial at this highly developmental stage and fats (g00d fats) are a great way to get a nice healthy brain:) So we are stocked up on coconut oils and cod liver oil (lemon flavored). We'll see if we can bulk our little guy up a little before his 18 month checkup!

Costco seems to be a good supplier of organic hamburger and organic chickens. They also carry a good supply of organic vegetables in the frozen section. Or if your Mom is like mine, you can go to her freezer and find a stock pile of organic meats:) Yokes carries goat milk and whole organic milk by the gallon. They also carry flavored flaxseed oil.

So far, Noah has had no complaints with his new diet. He is going to be tested for food allergies next month . . . he might have some complaints about that:)

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