Thursday, July 3, 2008

Perfectionist Pressures

Well, it's now the wee hours of the morning and I find myself unable to sleep.

For most of the evening (and many past evenings), I have been trying to write a letter about my sister, her husband, and the little girl they long to adopt. The letter is for the judge and makes an impact (however great or small) on the outcome of the hearing on the fifteenth of this month. I am stressing over every word and hoping that the words I write express exactly what I see and feel about the matter. I have so many stories I want to tell and facts I want to write, but I am having the worst time getting it on paper. Ever have that problem? I guess I want it to be just right (I am by no means a perfectionist, but with this I want so much for it to be perfect). I am sure it will get lost in the mix of ALL the other letters everyone else has written, but even so . . . Michelle is my sister and want to make sure I get across what most other people might not be able to. Thanks goodness I am not a perfectionist -- I am having one moment of being a perfectionist and am caving under the pressure. Well, Michelle, I mostly just want you to know that I am not avoiding writing the letter, I just want it to be perfect for you.

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