Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dinner Menu

Here's our dinner menu for the next two weeks! It's simple and easy and I put on a few new dishes that I'll share the recipes for if they turn out. Anyway, if this helps make your dinner planning easier then read further.

1- Steak fajitas/fresh lemonade
2- Panini sandwiches (from the Williams-Sonoma cookbook)/carrot sticks
3- Braised Beef Stew (from the Williams-Sonoma cookbook pg 212)
4- French bread pizza/salad
5- Grilled salmon/green beans/rosemary foccacia bread
6- Chicken and rice casserole/peas
7- Spaghetti/broccoli
8- Grilled chicken/corn/mashed potatoes
9- Salmon/Creamy Risotto (from the Williams-Sonoma cookbook pg 241)
10- Philly cheesesteaks/homemade french fries
11- Macaroni and cheese/brocolli
12- Tacos
13- Jamie's Italian Penne pasta/green beans


Oatmeal cookies
Blueberry cobbler
Cinnamon rolls


Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

Thanks for all the ideas. I have added several to my menu for while Michelle and the kids are here. Quick question...I tried making the focaccia bread, and it turned out so sweet that I couldn't eat it. Any suggestions? Can not enough onion make it sweet?

Nicole said...

Hey, we LOVED your blueberry cobbler......would you mind posting that receipe pretty please??????????? I need to start cooking again ;( I just get in a rut and don't know what else to cook. Thanks for the GREAT ideas!!!

Vicki Parramore said...

Heidi, I'm not too sure about the focaccia bread. I usually only put one onion in it. Let me check the recipe and make sure the sugar measurement is correct.

Nicole, I will most definitely post the recipe for the blueberry cobbler.

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