Thursday, June 18, 2009

Life with my Little Friends

I always wanted five rowdy boys. Just boys. I wanted my house to be filled to the max with noise and chaos. Growing up it was just me and my two sisters and our Aunt referred to our home as "a tomb" since it was so quiet.

My Dad came from a family of boys. Just boys. The stories he told about accidentally tearing down the curtains, kayaking in the ocean at midnight, and how his monkey ate his little brother's turtle were just the kind of chaos I wanted! What adventurous creatures little boys would be!

So when my first ultrasound (five years ago!) showed a little boy, I had to smile. He was a kicking, rambunctious, wild little fetus and I knew he would add a spark to our quiet lives. And indeed he has! He has been thus far, just as wild and crazy as he was on that ultrasound! We have most certainly had our curtains torn down . . . more times than I can count actually. We've had our toilet clogged with all sorts of junk due to those curious little hands. I am incapable of keeping the pillows on our couch. We've had our walls colored on, the beds don't stay immaculate, and the brownies get snitched. My distressed furniture has become much more distressed and I've picked up more Cheerios off the floor than any other human being that I should be added to the Guinness Book of World Records. I would say that I doubt there is any more conquering a little boy could do inside the house, but that would be asking for it. The adventures I've had thus far have been priceless! What living we have done since he has come into our lives! What memories we have been given! What a gift his adventurous little self has been! . . . And what a gift it is to not get exactly what you thought wanted (five boys). I must say, holding a soft, sweet, squishy, and dainty little girl has brought just as much joy . . . and a fair amount of balance to our lives:)

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