Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Delightful Mistake

The finishing touches are being made to our new house and I must say, it's looking more and more like a home. I am beyond thrilled and SO ready to spread out and have some elbow room! I'm also looking forward to unpacking all my treasures. Mostly I'm looking forward to all my kitchen gadgets back! I miss the juicer, the mixer, the blender, the muffin pans, and the cake pans!!! Oh, what sweet delights to have at my fingertips once again.

Bill stopped by as the ladies were tidying up the place the other day to find a wonderful surprise -- subway tile in my kitchen!!! I had really wanted it, but took it off the list since we figured we could add it later. But there it is! Two rows of wonderful backsplash! And sweet Bill has committed himself to adding the rest of it after we settle in (which could take a while since I move at a snail's pace these days). But that doesn't matter really. It's there. It's started. And I will delight in my two rows of it!

I wonder if I could pass the disappearing of our bedroom furniture as a "delightful mistake" in order to have that beat up vintage door as a headboard . . .

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Jamie said...

That's awesome Vicki!! What is subway tile?