Thursday, January 14, 2010

27 More Days . . .

I started feeling a little queasy while standing in the Starbucks line. It's not an unusual feeling, I just lean against the counter and within a few seconds I feel fine again. After ordering and paying I found the nearest seat to sit my plump self down. While sitting I started to break out in a sweat (I don't even sweat when I work out . . . that is IF i did work out I wouldn't sweat). Everything started spinning so I laid my head on the table (totally disregarding what germs may have been left from the person who sat there before me.)

The lady called my name to let me know my coffee was ready, but a kind white haired man asked me what I ordered and brought it over to me. I thanked him a couple of times and he asked me if there was anything he could do. Another woman came over and offered me her bagel and asked if I was eight months pregnant. I thankfully declined her bagel and nodded that I was indeed eight months pregnant. She smiled and walked away. I laid my dizzy head back on the table and the spinning continued. Eventually my ears blocked the noise out and my eyes closed.

After a few minutes I sat back up and the concerned white haired man asked me again if he could do something and mentioned I was white as a ghost. For those of you who know me, you know that I don't often get referred to as a "white" girl, but usually get asked if I speak Spanish or what country my ancestors came from. I managed to say I was fine -- after all, I'm always fine. Another kind soul asked me what he could do; and he proudly mentioned himself being the father of seven children. I think that was to let me know that he knew well what sort of symptoms we pregnant women can get.

Michelle then turned around the corner with the kids and got me some ice:) Ahhh. There is something about ice that makes a pregnant lady happy and it did help cool me off and feel much better.

Thanks, sweet mall people who were so quick to help me out. And thanks, Michelle for tolerating another pregnancy episode with me:) And thanks little pregnancy widget for finally being in the twenties!

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