Thursday, April 22, 2010


Recently my Mom let me borrow her diffuser for essential oils. It smells wonderful so I was happy to use it while she was off enjoying Hawaiian sunsets and beaches. She gave me the essential oil Thieves to use since it's a delightfully aromatic oil of cloves and cinnamon.

I put the diffuser in the kitchen first then moved it to our bedroom at night. Funny thing happened! Bill woke up feeling much better from the cold he had and sweet Noah's nose cleared up and he no longer snored! I moved the diffuser around to the kids' bedrooms as well. No one else in our house caught the nasty cold! We've been to church without anyone contracting any gross new bug from the nursery! Isaac hasn't brought a bug home from school for two whole weeks! This is huge! Not sure we'll be germ free forever, but I'll keep you (my one faithful reader) posted on how this is working!

If you look up the history of Thieves, it is quite interesting. Apparently during the plague in Europe (during the 15th century) there were certain thieves that would steal things off the bodies of those dead from the plague. They never got infected with the fatal disease. When they were caught, they were offered a deal. The deal involved them giving their secret to not getting the disease. The thieves were perfumers and rubbed themselves in oil of cinnamon and cloves. But don't believe me, go look it up yourself. God's medicine is pretty darn amazing!

I am also pleased to report that we haven't gotten that nasty stomach flu that's been going around. Looks like if this keeps up, Ike's not going to miss very many days of school;)

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Jordan said...

hmmm...we must get some of that!!! I knew your mom said it cured her cold, too...we could sure use some theives around here!