Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bonus Room Design Plan

My very compatible Sweetie and I were able to get out for a date a few weeks back and wound up roaming a furniture store. As we walked through the store I noticed something . . . I didn't find much that interested me, but my Love was really impressed by all the modern furniture. Huh. So while my design plans always call for distressed, vintage, worn, or at least "new to look old" my husband is completely opposite. I know. I know. I haven't met a straight man who adored a shabby chic house either. What was I thinking? Perhaps selfishness on my part. So my new client (my only client rather) has suggested blue. All he wants is a room with blue in it. Now my first thought would be white, slip covered, down-filled couches with a couple of pale blue pillows. But that would be what I would want. While we aren't in a cottage that's big enough to allow him to have his own den, I can (maybe, possibly) make a room that he wouldn't mind inviting the guys over to watch a football game in. Hmm. We shall see. I do have trouble staying on course . . . What we are going for here is more modern -- but mixed with vintage. Of course!

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