Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1st

What the kids woke up to find this morning.

They each got a box of ornaments to decorate their trees.
Ike said, "I love my red box!"

Kitty inspects each ornment carefully.

Christmas celebration has started out with a bang. We've managed to prop our lopsided tree up with much childhood joy surrounding us. Kate walked up to the tree, shook the branches and said, "Nice to meet you!" After the introduction she proceeded to give the tree a gentle hug and sighed, "I love you." She's two so the excitement is fresh and new!

Ike too has been waiting for the festivities to begin. At the first snowfall (before Thanksgiving) he giggled with glee and gasped, "It's Christmas!" He wasn't too welcoming of our news that snow doesn't bring Christmas. However, he rebounded just fine and has been having a merry time wearing his new snow boots and trampling the snow. He makes giant snowballs and tries to bring them inside. He gets a bowl and brings it back in filled with snow (to eat of course). He even got to build a snowman with Kate and Daddy.

Yes, Christmas is upon us and much to my delight, the enchantment of the season has returned in full force. The giggles of joy are priceless! Kate walks around smiling and whispering "It's Christmas." Wyatt (our little buddy who frequently visits) croons "Santa Babaaay" in an Elvis Presly sort of way. Ike keeps opening the Advent calendar doors to see what he missed from last year (so far he's found a note and a leftover chocolate). Life is good.

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