Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This evening I had a slight (maybe that's a bit mild) breakdown. Noah was crying. Kate was crying. Isaac was asking question after question. With three wonderful children, a husband stuck in class, an influenza wrapping itself up, lack of sleep on everyone's part, there is bound to be some chaos, right? So I would like to say that my eyes filled up with tears and I moved forward. But in fact I think I went straight to the ugly cry. Does anyone really cry beautifully? That's besides the point I guess. Anyhoo, sweet Isaac looked at me strangely and stated, "Why are you crying? You're the Mom. You're not supposed to cry." He followed me around for a while, wiping my weepy eyes with a tea towel, offering words of encouragement, and a bundle of affection. I love him.

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Dan and Jeni said...

You have a sweet little boy!!