Friday, September 26, 2008

Here's to Motherhood!

Today has been one of THOSE days. One where I was up in the wee hours of the morning balling my eyes out because my little one's teething and could not be soothed for anything. It has been one of those days where the demands of a four-year-old are constant and the obedience virtue blew out the window somewhere in the night. Basically I'd "had it" when it was only 9 am. It's been one of those days where I couldn't find a single pacifier even though I just loaded up on them a week ago. Ahhh, yes. And let's not forget that the swing ran out of batteries, the vomit during the WORST dirty diaper ever, and the rocks thrown at my window. Who's up for yoga?

Anyway, there have also been many wonderful things that I would rather focus on. For example, my sister and I got to use Skype so I could see and talk to her while she is in North Carolina. I REALLY needed that. There's nothing like a girl friend to talk to even if it's over the computer:) And my sweet man stopped by unexpectedly with batteries for the swing, a grande vanilla latte to recharge me, and kisses to let me know that he loves me!

So for all those women without kids who like to judge women with kids, go ahead and lecture me on all the mistakes I am making. However, don't expect me to stay awake during the lecture. I'm way too tired!

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Nicole said...

Sounds like you need a bit of encouragement! I had one of those days yesterday (thursday right???)
Just remember it will all pass! Hang in there you are doing a great job!!!!!!