Friday, September 5, 2008

A Note to Myself

I am of the opinion that God gives us children to let us feel just a small fraction of the immense amount of love he has for us. Think about it. There is no purer form of earthly love than the love we parents have for our little ones. If we feel THAT much love for the ones we assist God in making, think about just how much love God has for us!

The fact that we even get to have children is something that should make us humbled and incredibly thankful. To be blessed in this way is something we should not and cannot take lightly. I like to think of our children as gifts --the kind of gifts we should be investing in. They need our time, our help, our guidance, our understanding, and our unconditional love. Having children is no light matter. When given to us, God expects us to take care of these gifts he gives us. It can be viewed as a daunting task or a delightful joy.

I have to admit sometimes the task of raising these little lives is overwhelming and I don't always feel like I am doing the very best I can. However, God doesn't expect for us to raise them ourselves -- he'll be there for us. In fact, I've noticed since becoming a mother, I pray ten times more (at least) than I ever have before! So don't be too hard on yourself. Take parenting one day at a time. Breathe deeply. And enjoy! Those little miracles are the most amazing people you'll ever know! I am so thankful that God gives us little ones to help us understand just how much love he has for us.

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Nicole said...

this is exactly what I needed to hear after a long week of having 2 in school!! :0 thanks!