Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Moments

I haven't been too sure about how Ike's been taking to this new school program. This evening (after school has been over with for a while) Ike sat down at his desk, folded his hands and announced, "I want to watch Mrs. Wasser!" With the gleam in his eyes, you would think she was a very popular television show.

The video teacher asked the students what God made on the fourth day. Ike who looked like he wasn't paying much attention exclaimed, "Birthdays!"

This morning Wyatt brought Ike a new scooter for his birthday. It sure did make a fun toy. After each class today, Ike and Wyatt ran outside to ride scooters and sing the song they learned in class. "Good morning boys and girls . . ." they sang over and over again to the tune of "Farmer in the Dell."

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