Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How Much Love Can a Mother's Heart Hold?

Not long after Ike was born we took him out to Costco -- a weekly if not bi-weekly trip for us. While meandering through the store a beautiful woman casually came up to us and asked if she could peek in the carseat. Of course, we were the usual proud parents and we were more than happy to show her our new gift.

She had a good, long look and sighed sadly, "I can't have any more."

Just having experienced the beginning of the deep, endless love that comes with motherhood, I was sad for her. "How many do you have?" I asked.

"Six," she shrugged.

I looked up and across the aisle. And sure enough, there was her cart filled and surrounded with six shiny and smiling faces and a husband waiting patiently.

So with that in mind, I ask: How much love can one heart hold? However, I think I already know the answer. A mother's heart can hold an infinite amount of love. Bringing new life into the world is indescribable. It would be difficult to put into words just how amazing it is to watch your child grow and feel your heart expand and expand.

I think of the Costco woman often. How great a blessing to get to experience the years of pitter-patter six children would create! How amazing to hear "I love you" from six little voices! Imagine all the hugs and kisses! I wonder what kind of blissful chaos Christmas would be! No matter how many children the good Lord blesses us with, it's our delight to rejoice in ALL the goodness and joy children bring to a home! So whether you have one child or twenty-one, I hope you are enjoying the constant party children add to a home (don't forget to also enjoy those three a.m. teething parties!).


Jamie said...

Girl~ You have a way with words! It's so true though, our hearts can hold a whole lot of love! I think it would be wonderful to have 6 children. Sure it's chaos and craziness but it's such a blessing and so fun also. :)

Vicki said...

Thanks, Jamie. Six kids would be amazing! Secretly I envy her:)