Friday, October 24, 2008

Pro Choice

I have a confession to make. I am pro choice. That being said, I believe you should have the choice to either take care of your child or give it to someone whose open arms are waiting to be filled. This is the only choice one should have to make. Children, being the most precious life of all, should not be murdered because "mommy dearest" is cold and self-centered.

By the way, what sort of person would choose to abort babies for a living?

Anyway, the God of Abraham is the God who gave us free will . . . and the God who gave us the Ten Commandments (I believe the sixth commandment tells us to not murder).

My sister is in the process of adopting two dear ones. Their "birth moms" made bad choices, but still gave them life. They have filled up my sister and brother-in-laws arms. Those babies very lives have resulted in making two very wonderful people's hearts overflow with love. Thank goodness for life!

And that's all I have to say about that . . . for now anyway.


Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

Could not agree more! When will people take responsibility for their actions??? Every action has a consequence (good or bad)--deal with it! It is life. It isn't like people don't know how babies are made.

Nicole said...

you go girl!! i'm on the soap box with you!!