Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ike's Insight

"Where did Grandpa Roger's hair go?" I ask during an extensive hair conversation with my four-year-old.

"It fell off his head and went on his face." Ike explained with cute little hand gestures. (Grandpa Roger has a goatee.)


"You've made my heart sad by being naughty," I told Ike.

Learning recently where our hearts are (due to the pledge of allegiance), he came over and kissed my heart. "I kiss your heart and make it happy," he said with a smile.


A few minutes after being tucked into bed, Ike tip-toed out of bed to find me.

"Mommy, " he said seriously with his eyes wide for emphasis, "I smell bad guys in my room!"

Nice try there big guy!


The Brooks said...

Adorable! Four year olds say the cutest things.

Vicki said...

I am going to agree with you on that! I can't wait to hear more four-year-old perspective! I'm loving it!

Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

Made my day :)