Friday, January 2, 2009

Snow and Stint

Bill woke us up bright and early (so early that Ike still thinks it's night time). As we were leaving to take him in to the hospital, we opened the front door to find ourselves in the middle of a giant snow globe. This is quite unexpected seeing as yesterday it was 50 degrees! Ugh.

This posed a little problem seeing as I've NEVER driven in the snow and Bill HAD to get in to the hospital to have the stint taken out of his kidney (he's been calling to have it taken out for over a month now). Anyway, there was no time like the present to learn. I demanded I drive while he was in the car on the way over so I could get a crash course in driving in the snow. It must have been annoying to some/all to see our large Chevy truck (with four wheel drive and anti-lock brake system I might add) going so slow. But alas! We are home safely and weren't one of the three cars we spotted in the ditches (but I shouldn't start feeling smug about that since I still have some driving to do). Yikes!

Well, I'm winding down and getting myself psyched up for going out there again to pick him up. And I'm feeling a bit guilty that I'm not there with him:(