Saturday, April 18, 2009


After settling into the new apartment and unpacking the boxes, I realized every last cookbook I owned was packed up somewhere in our two storage units. Oops! It ended up being a rather wonderful goof since it gave me the excuse to run to Costco and search the cookbook section. As far as I'm concerned, a girl cannot have too many cookbooks and therefore needs no excuse to buy recipe books.

I found not one new cookbook but two! Seriously, Costco's prices are so great that you basically can get two for the price of one. And if you know me, you know that a bargain makes the deal all the more sweeter!

The first one I found was a Williams-Sonoma family cookbook and you just can't go wrong with anything Williams-Sonoma! The second was tucked down low, in a small stack. My sister pointed it out and I was sold just by the glorious cover:) It was a vintage styled book by the Farm Chicks AND it came with a free one year subscription to Country Living!

Anyway, I came home gleaming with my new purchases and ready to conquer the kitchen!

That very night, Bill crashed in bed next to me and I stayed up late studying how to make homemade bread and corn tortillas. And though I've only yet to cook one meal -- cheesy potato soup (from the Farm Chicks' book) and homemade bread (from Williams-Sonoma) -- it was a success. Now if only I could perfect my consistency on the outcome of my dinners . . . I have the passion for cooking, but the success rate is still rather low:)

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