Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Monday Bag

I'm always looking for new ideas on how to express love to my family and make memories. Recently, I was inspired in the most unlikely of places -- in Target, filling up my shopping cart with Easter treats for the wee ones. I kept coming across a lot of Bill's favorite treats as well. Hmm, thinks I. And a light bulb started flashing above my head -- which with my Mommy brain, that light bulb doesn't flash very often! So into the cart goes the honey mustard pretzels, the sweedish fish, and Peeps. And voila! I've stumbled across a new tradition: the kids and I will go shopping once a month (or there about) and get a few special treats for Daddy. We'll put it in a special bag with a special love note and sneak it into the passenger seat of Bill's car. Keeping in line with the title of this post, our special gift will appear on occasional Mondays (to make that first day back to work a little sweeter)!


Jamie said...

That's a wonderful idea!!! I bet Bill is going to LOVE that!

Nicole said...

I love those light bulb moments!!

Vicki Parramore said...

We had our first Monday Bag day this past Monday. It was a big hit! We can't wait to do it again!

Unfortunately, my lightbulb doesn't stay on -- it flashes for a couple moments here and there until a few days later I put all the "flashes" together and come up with a good idea. I love those moments too!