Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're in the Palace!

We've spent the last few days settling into our new apartment which Ike calls "The palace!" Ike and Kitty walked right in and made themselves at home. For the first hour or so in their new pad, they ran around exploring every corner, all while giggling with such exuberant delight. Ike asked, "This is our new house? Can we stay?" He's also a little concerned that we don't have a backyard, but I think his trip to the playground last night eased his disappointment.

As for us, we still have one more day before the sale of our house closes. We've been going over to the old house every night to get more things and tidy it up for the new owners. It's been exhausting, but a hard days work has us sleeping ever so soundly! This morning we are having the carpets cleaned and this afternoon the kids and I are heading over to tidy up a bit more. Tonight we have a few odds and ends to load up from the garage then we'll be done!

We are still waiting to hear if we'll be able to have a pre-construction meeting with the builder this week. We'd like to have our meeting on Thursday, but it's more likely they won't be able to do it that soon. As for now, we'll just settle into apartment life . . . which is much the same as house life (just without the yard work). As long as there are two sets of chubby cheeks for me to kiss and a handsome husband who walks through the door every night, this is home.

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