Friday, December 18, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Ike is officially home for two weeks of holiday vacation. It thrills me to no end to have him home and not have to worry about the weather! Bring on the snow!

His backpack (or "packpack" as Kitty likes to say) came home stuffed to the brink of holiday goodies. He made a present for Bill and I (a cute little plate with a drawing of our house, his name, and "Mom" written twice on it). Oh! those gifts are too wonderful for words and he is ever so proud of it! I'll be happy to share it's cuteness . . . as soon as I get my hands on that camera:)

In other news, I went in to Sportsman's Warehouse to purchase a shotgun (Bill's wants one to go hunting next year) and found myself defeated and unable to make the purchase. I filled out the paperwork and found that I've yet to change the address on my driver's license. Ahh! Furthermore, my registration in the truck is still with our old address and I don't have a utility bill with the city! I've no government document that states we live where we live. Actually, I think the car may be registered in our new address so I have to check it out when Bill comes home. So there I was, defeated and had to waddle out of the store without a present for Bill for Christmas . . . Maybe I'll try again tonight.

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Jared and Beka said...

I gave Jared a shotgun for his birthday, but I just wrapped a picture of it - going to get one is really a lot of work!