Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the Season

Christmas magic is spreading like wildfire in the Parramore household. So far we've managed to accomplish making a Christmas chain to help us count down the days until Christmas, decorate a mini tree, and embellish the tree with candy canes. I bought a bag of chocolate to fill the Advent calendar with as well, but me being in the state I'm in managed to consume (and I am NOT ashamed of the fact either:) almost the entire bag before Christmas even started here. Judge me. I can still button my pants (yet my belly does resemble that of Santa Claus). Anyway, it worked out well, because I've an angel of a friend who brought Ike over his very own chocolate Advent calendar. So everyone has remained happy and I have yet to go into a diabetic comma.

Ike is thoroughly enjoying the season. He carries his little tree around with him and remembers to cut a piece of the chain off every day. And lets not forget he makes sure he's set the night before on where the next days door is on the Advent calendar.

I hope your Christmas celebrations are full of joy and laughter as they are here. Remember we take a whole day to celebrate our country's freedom. We should be able to take a whole month to celebrate Christ's birth and setting us free from our sin.

P.S. I would post pictures, but I can't seem to find the little memory card. It's Kate's favorite thing to swipe . . . . I must have put it somewhere high so she couldn't reach it, but where??

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Jared and Beka said...

sounds like you're having a fabulous time at your house!! and sounds like you need another bag of candy for yourself, Vicki!