Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here are the girls ready to go out shopping. Grandma's blankets, swoopie bangs, and pacifiers are all the rage these days.
Bella does great in the car. She's awake for only the first couple minutes of a drive so I had to catch her with her eyes open quick!
Kate loves the bright blanket. She had lots of fun getting her hands to cooperate so she could feel the textures.
Cousins hanging out in the motel in San Fransico. Bella likes her arms swaddled and her feet free . . . Kate likes the opposite.
When we went out people thought we had twins. However, once we pulled the blankets off the carseats it was obvious we had a distict age difference. Kate's now a solid and healthy 15lbs!

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Nicole said...

Oh my goodness! Beautiful little girls! Looks like you've had soooo much fun!!