Sunday, March 22, 2009

Art Class (from the good old days)

My artwork never earned over a B at PCC (for the one year that I went). I could show you my community college artwork that earned mostly A's but it's far, far worse than these:) PCC had an excellent art program and the most talented artists I've ever seen. To this day Bill and I "ooooh and awe" over Elizabeth and Jon Seest's artwork (Bill's classmates). Their work is absolutely exceptional and I highly recommend you take a look (if you are into that kind of stuff) Amazing! Absolutely amazing!

Faces are by far my favorite thing to draw!
This guy earned me my first (and only) B. Blah.

Recognize these eyes? Blurry picture . . .

My average C.

This little guy was the cover of a LIFE magazine from the 1940's. I bought the magazine at an antique shop just so I could draw his feisty little face.


Jamie said...

You draw SO good Vicki~ Wow those are amazing! :)

Jordan said...

I like the community college art!!! ;) You are so talented!!!