Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Days

When we were young, Mom used to have my oldest sister's friends over after school once a week. She always had a little sewing project ready for each girl, she made treats, and read In Grandma's Attic to us as we sewed. I got to participate even though I was probably just four years old. I probably insisted that I did as they did and Mom probably just figured it was a great way to keep me busy.

Having the "big girls" over thrilled me and I was happy to no end that I was allowed to join them. It made a lasting memory with me and I can't wait to do this with Kate and her friends. I've already planned the first project: tea towels! Embroidering is a simple project that anyone can have fun with. I'll probably pull out the fancy china and have hot chocolate served in tea cups. Childhood should be full of wonderful memories -- as mine was:) It sure does help that my Mom was creative and enjoyed sharing her loves and talents with us. It left quite an impression on me:) To this day one of my favorite things to do is pull out my sewing basket, make a cup of coffee or tea and sit in a cozy chair and embroider. From simple things come simple joys!

Now, if anyone has any ideas on what to do to make happy memories with boys, I sure could use some input! I was raised in a house of girls:)


Nicole said...

Oh how I would have loved to have "Girl time" as you know I grew up with 5 brothers :) I remember riding bikes alot with them and going fishing with my grandpa. That was alot of fun even for a girl :)

Jonathan and Heidi Spruill said...

I think I am going to have to send Bella to your house. I'm afraid I didn't inherit any of Mom's creativity. I'll take the boys fishing and to the skateboard parks :)

Vicki Parramore said...

Oooh, Heidi! That sounds good! However, I did notice that quilt on your blog that you embroidered:) Did that get finished? I want to see the finished quilt! So cool!

Thanks for the fishing and skateboarding ideas for boys! That sounds like fun! I do like to fish . . . although I've never caught one:)

Vicki Parramore said...

Nicole, we are looking forward to Lynnsey coming over to sew! I hope she and Kate will be good friends!

Heidi, we'll have Bella over for sewing lessons via Skype:) I wish you guys didn't live so far away. A twelve hour trip may be a little long just for a sewing day:)

Anonymous said...

You were four and I told you that you were too young to do the sewing projects. You insisted so Grandma bought you a kit too.

Michael and Cristi said...

I loved those days. I need to start planning those days again with Michelle and whoever else has kids that age. Your mom made a lasting impression on me with those "tea times" Loved them!