Monday, March 16, 2009

For the Love of Junk

As most people know, I am a "junk" collector. Don't worry. I don't dumpster dive or anything, but I sure do enjoy rescuing a piece that is begging for a home.

A couple weeks ago, Bill and I were out to lunch (the local bagel shop) and conveniently enough it's a few doors down from my favorite antique store:) Of course Bill has grown quite tolerant of my fondness of . . . "treasures" so he doesn't mind if I pop in for a spell while he keeps our little Blessings amused in the truck for a few minutes.

I rushed through the store with one thing in mind -- a beat up (yes, the more beat up the better) cabinet for my laundry room. And when one has something in mind, it makes treasure hunting a lot easier. There burried under a host of vintage teacups was exactly what I was looking for -- a large beat up, glass knobbed, ten times painted cabinet! And I of course let out a sigh -- much like that of a girl in love:)

Bill, though tolerant, is not as fond of my treasures as I am. My finds mean two things to him -- 1 where are we going to put that? and 2 what kind of project do I have to work on this time? Poor guy. So when I went back to the truck to inform him of my latest "need" he rolled his eyes and dutifully got out of the truck to help load up the "junk", fully aware that my heart was set on it and no amount of reasoning would change my stubborn heart . (I would also like to add that he's figured out how to hang the solid piece of wood and has come to terms with it being in the laundry room . . . as long as it's hidden away!) And since it will be hidden away, I will most definitely post pictures of my laundry room for all to see! Oh, how I adore mixing the old with the new and making my house a home!

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Jamie said...

You are adorable Vicki! :) I bet it will look amazing in your laundry room!