Friday, May 15, 2009

Bedroom Design

Sorry it's not very clear. If you click on the picture, you may be able to see it better . . .

This will be a hard one to pull off considering we would have to get rid of our existing bed and night stands which are in perfectly good shape. Getting rid of them probably won't be an idea that Bill will warm up to any time soon . . . :)

I plan to paint the walls a soft tan and keep most of the color in our room in the artwork. Soft white and cream bedding . . . mismatched white end tables . . . white fluffy curtains . . . and perhaps a soft blue dresser (disressed of course). All of this is planned for a home that doesn't yet exist:)

Happy, romantic bedrooms are divine! I can't wait to get my hands on ours!


shannon said...

Vicki, I love it! The idea of the headboard is great! :) Hope you are able to make it work!

Sarahendipity said...

This is wonderful and so very mantic. I hope that Bill goes along with it. :)