Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Enjoying Everything

Someday I'm going to miss picking up Cherios from every nook and cranny. And someday I'm going to definitely miss wiping down the toilet seat, floor, and walls every day because someone's aim isn't quite perfect. And who really needs all the potholders, dish towels, and measuring cups in drawers? I'm sure I'll miss wiping runny noses and making meals that no one appreciates. Someday I'm going to miss walking through the grocery store all by myself. Scheduling activities around nap times and having to decline grown-up time because one of the little loves woke up with green boogers and a cough. Someday I'll miss getting up at night to answer the cries. There will come a day when I'm going to miss supervising teeth brushing and reading the same three books over and over. I don't mind tripping over toys and wiping up spills, someday I will miss that too. Someday I will miss ironing those little man shirts and mini cotton dresses. Someday we won't need a carpet cleaner to visit quite so often. Someday I am going to miss folding little loads of pink and blue, and folding all those beautiful, little, foofy blankies is such a treat. Someday I'm going to miss all the giggling and screeching and definitely all the pitter -patter. Someday I'm going to miss all the hugs and kisses and every day "I love yous." Someday I'll miss kissing little cheeks good night and all the joy children have in the morning (without coffee)! Someday I'll miss all the adorable little nonsense conversations we have. I do so love being a mommy and I'll take the good, the stinky, the monotonous, the annoying, and the beautiful and call every moment perfect. Someday these little loves will grow up and move out (which is what we are training them to do). So today I'm going to be thankful and treasure each moment.

Hugs and kisses Ike and Baby Cakes! I'm so in love with you.

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