Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Spirit

Our home has been buzzing with the Christmas spirit! We decorated our little tree (the same tree we've had since the first year we were married) with sentimental ornaments and some not so sentimental ornaments, but beautiful all the same. It's tradition here to put the ornament with a picture of my Dad in it on the tree first. His picture goes up high -- close to the ornate angel that a dear friend handmade for us. I put on golden ribbon and red bows and Ike had a blast placing ornaments on in clusters. It's amazing how many ornaments one branch can hold! He did a really good job and was a big helper.
Even attitudes around here have been loaded up with Christmas spirit. Yesterday Ike noticed I was slow getting out of the car so he came around to my door and reached out his hand. His sweet little voice said, "I'll help you, Mommy." *sigh* What a little gentleman. Looks like Daddy is wearing off on him!
The Advent calendar activities are set for each day of December. We just can't have a day go by around here without a load of that wonderful Christmas spirit! It's fun to gear Ike's excitement up for the day we celebrate Christ's birth. The anticipation for Christmas day will be great. Already it's a daily activity for Ike to peek into the Advent calendar doors hoping to find candy which we did last year. This year we'll have treats and activities -- mostly small and simple, but definitely exciting! Anyway, December 1st is highly anticipated in our home!
I hope you all are having a blast planning your Christmas activities! And may the spirit of the season be with you each day.

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