Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Here is a picture of Ike sound asleep with his treasured rocketship. Ever since he and Daddy launched it in the park a couple days ago, it is all he can talk about. This picture was taken after Ike and I got back from dinner at Grandma's house tonight. He fell asleep in the car and woke up when I took the rocketship from his hand. He quickly inquired about the rocketship and as soon as it was safe and sound in his little hand again he fell back to sleep.
This evening Grandma had us over for dinner -- salisbury steak. It was a delightful dish from her Route 66 cookbook. She truly is a great cook! Bill wasn't able to join us for dinner this evening due to more overtime this morning (it was one of the busiest nights he's worked all year). He is in fact still sleeping and I won't wake him for another hour.

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