Monday, November 12, 2007

Late Night Art Studio

Last night Bill got called into work early (four hours early) so right after crab cakes and potatoes he left. Since Ike took a four hour nap, I knew that we'd probably be up a little later than usual. So what is a mother to do when she's exhausted and sleep deprived . . . paint of course! Artwork to the rescue. Ike and I crammed ourselves into the cozy laundry room and he painted on his paper and I painted on the walls (probably not the best example for a three year old -- painting on the walls that is). He kept telling me what a good job I was doing, but couldn't figure out why i would rather paint flowers than a rocketship up high on the wall for him. Sorry, buddy. So after I was finished for the night Ike still wanted to paint. I let him finish up his art project in the kitchen then finally got that much needed sleep.

I'll post another picture of my laundry room garden when it is complete.

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