Friday, November 9, 2007

New Traditions

My Grandma moved into town back in August and once she settled in we decided to start a new tradition -- Saturday Supper at her house and a game of cards afterwards. It makes for a very eventful evening. Over dinner she shares stories of her childhood back in Michigan and how wonderfully simple life was. She talks of the Depression, her children, and her "glorious" college days over her scrumptious pot roast. Tomorrow is Saturday and we are looking forward to getting together for another Sabbath dinner. It's my turn to cook (or should I say the local Mexican restaurants turn). I know the food won't be as delicious as her home baked wonders, however, the conversation and company will be most delightful.

Anyway, if anyone doesn't have the blessing of a grandparent in town, there is always room for one more at Grandma's table.

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Michael and Cristi said...

What a wonderful tradition! It's wonderful to have her in town isn't it! Make the best of it and you'll be sharing a lot of memories down the road!