Sunday, December 2, 2007

Baby Shower

The cutest little spit up cloths made by my Mom.
Her closet all organized.

The quilt my Mom made (it matches the spit up cloths:)
The quilt my friend Jordan made.

My friends unexpectedly threw me a baby shower yesterday morning. I thought I would post a few of their talented creations and a few other things. Hope you enjoy!


Michael and Cristi said...

Are some of those dresses from when you were a baby?

The Parramores said...

Yes! The blue and yellow ones on the left. My Mom made those for me so I can't wait to get pictures of my baby with them. Also my Mom got to borrow the christening gown from Aunt Marcia so we could take pictures of our little girls in it (if you want). It's gorgeous. It's in good shape for being so old.