Monday, December 3, 2007

Life at the Parramore's

After a long weekend, we are highly anticipating Bill's return this evening! He flew to Philidelphia to visit his family for a few days and he went to the Philly vs. Seahawks game. Isaac sure did miss him! He would have to play wrestling by himself since he knows that I don't wrestle. He'd pretend to break his neck (with sound effects and all) and throw himself to the ground. Bill won't be home until late this evening, but Ike sure is going to be ready for a round of wrestling the moment he lays eyes on Daddy.

I've been putting Ike to sleep every night to Christmas stories. He loves to hear of presents, Santa, snow, and Christmas trees. When I read the stories about Jesus, he corrects me and says it's BABY Jesus. Anyway, these stories must make for great dreams 'cause he's been giggling in his sleep.

Funny story: Jordan asked Isaac who brings the Christmas presents. Ike put his finger on his chin, sighed a big "Uhhhhhhmmmm," and joyfully announced, "DADDY!" No one's going to fool him.

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